Best and Most Popular Online Games

There are many games in the world and you’ve probably heard of them, but what are the best ones? I’ve broken down the best online games into their genres to make the process easier for you. Listed below are the best games to play today. These titles are sure to please all of your gaming preferences. You can find them on the official website, and they’re available for all major gaming platforms. Listed below are the top 10 online games for PC and Mac.

Among Us

Among Us is one of the most popular online games, and with good reason. The game promotes teamwork and communication, and it’s thrilling for Imposters and

Crewmates to try to clear their names before being evicted. The thrill is real, though, as you must accomplish tasks with your life on the line. This game is also popular on gaming streaming websites such as Twitch, where over 25 million hours of streamed Among Us gameplay were watched between August 2020 and October 2020.


Runescape has a player base of nine million players worldwide, with about six million of them playing the game in the last two weeks. The company Jagex is responsible for this impressive growth, and the game has been praised for its quality, content, dev-player base interaction, and straight-up grinding. In addition to its massive player base, Runescape offers a fresh experience.

Titanfall 2

The multiplayer features in Titanfall 2 are some of the best in the genre, with a

variety of modes to choose from. The game includes Titan-only and Pilot-only fights, Capture the Flag, Domination, melbet and Last Titan Standing. Later, Respawn embraced battle royale with Apex Legends. You can play with up to four other players and can take down as many Titans as possible to gain the upper hand.


If you love playing multiplayer games, you might have heard of PUBG. This game has become a global phenomenon due to its unique gameplay. Players compete in battles, where they can either defend their base or attack enemies. Its top-down view is easy to control and makes the battles faster and more realistic. PUBG matches are also fast – some can last under 30 minutes.


Overwatch is one of the best and most popular online games. The game has many modes and heroes with varying learning curves. It has also become an esports sensation with millions of dollars awarded for best players. Players can even play with friends and compete against each other for prizes. The gameplay is fast-paced and addictive, and it’s possible to play for hours without feeling bored. If you’re interested in esports, Overwatch may be the best choice.

Call of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone is a free-to-play battle royale video game that lets players participate in a multiplayer game with up to 150 other players. It is set in the fictional city of Verdansk and supports cross-platform play. This game allows players to use different weapons and play in various game modes. You can also choose to play in a squad of two, three, or four.

Overwatch vs. PUBG

The battle between Overwatch and PUBG has a lot of similarities, such as their matchmaking and rating systems. Overwatch players make a genuine effort to win their matches, while PUBG players will trade insults and namecall their teammates. Overwatch players tend to be more competitive and look down on bronze n00bs, while PUBG players purposely choose the worst possible strategy. Then, there’s the toxicity of the gaming community.

Among Us vs. Among Us

Among Us vs. Among Us online games have caught the gaming world by storm. These online games are not available as single-player mode, but you can play a fanmade browser game if you want to practice your skills or pass the time. The online game was developed by a team of gamers with experience in playing the original game. However, you can only play this game with friends online.